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The CLP has three branches:

Each branch elects its own officers and arranges its own meetings of members within the branch area.

There is more information about the constituency here.

The Constituency Party

The Constituency Labour Party (CLP) holds regular meetings, which are open to all members, at which all or most of the time is devoted to discussion of political issues. There is often an external speaker.

The CLP is managed by a management committee, which consists of the secretary and three other delegates from each branch. Affiliated organizations may also appoint delegates.

The officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the CLP and are listed below.

The CLP selects the parliamentary candidate to stand for North East Hertfordshire. The final selection takes place at a hustings meeting on the basis of one member - one vote.

If you want to get in touch with the CLP, click on Contact Us for details of how to do so.

The CLP is also involved in campaigning for the County Council and District Council seats within its area. For more details about local government in North East Hertfordshire, click on Local Government.

Constituency Party officers

The following officers were elected at the Annual General Meeting on 31 July 2019:

Labour East

The CLP is in the Eastern Region. There is a Labour Party regional office (Labour East) in Harlow with a Regional Director. There is also a Regional Board, elected at the Regional Conference attended by delegates from the CLPs in the Region. At present, the chair of the Regional Board in Vaughan West, who is a member of the Royston branch.

The area covered by the regional office co-incides with the Government's eastern planning and development region and with the European parliamentary constituency. The Eastern Region website is at

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