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National Executive Committee: Ann Black (one of the constituency parties' elected members) provides reports after each meeting. Her reports can be accessed here:

Current report:

September(3) 2018

Previous reports:

September (2) 2018
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018 (2)
July 2018
May 2018
March 2018
January 2018
November 2017

October 2017
September(2) 2017
September 2017

National Policy Forum: report from Ann Black.

Current report:
February 2018

Regional Board meeting: Reports are provided by Board member Jill Gipps:

March 2018 

The report from the County LCF is here

On this page you will find information about:

Constituency Party meetings
Constituency Party minutes

County Council reports
National Executive Committee - election results 2018
Our comments on 2018 policy proposals
Report on the General Election campaign 2017
Branches and branch secretaries in the constituency

Also, in the side panel on the right, you will find links to reports on the National Executive Committee meetings, the National Policy Forum, the Regional Board and the Hertfordshire Police and Crime panel.


Campaign information will be posted here.

Constituency Party meetings


Most constituency party meetings take place at the Howard Gardens Social Centre, Norton Way South, Letchworth SG6 1SU. Please note that this is NOT the Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, which is across the road from the Social Centre. There is limited parking at the Social Centre, but there is a public car park around Mrs Howard Hall.

Next meetings

Wednesday, 30 January at 7.30pm: Management Committee meeting. The minutes of the last Management Committee meeting are here.

One important post remains vacant

This is a very important role for the functioning of the local party and we need members to put themselves forward for it. To achieve gender balance amongst the officers, they should ideally be women. Get in touch with Sue Ngwala if you wish to put yourself forward or if you want more information. The job description of this role is here:

Job description - Communications Co-ordinator

Annual reports

The following reports were presented or available at the Annual General Meeting on 25 July 2018:

Secretary's report
Treasurers' report and accounts for 2017
Membership Secretary's report
Contact Creator and website report
Campaign report

Peter Finn's pre-election statement is here.

The minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting are here.

Constituency party meetings

Meetings are normally on the last Wednesday in the month (except August and December) in Letchworth Garden City, but occasionally may be held in other parts of the constituency. The meetings usually take place at 7.30 pm.

There are all-member meetings roughly every other month, at which the main item of business will be a political discussion or a speaker on a political topic. In the intervening months, the management committee meets. This sequence may be varied, for example, to accommodate particular speakers.

Any member may attend the management committee meetings and take part in the discussion, but, in the event of a vote, only delegates to the committee may take part.

Affiliated supporters are entitled to attend all-member and management committee meetings and take part in the discussions, but are not entitled to vote.

Branch meetings

Branch meetings are not normally shown on the website. They are notified to branch members by their branch secretary. Branch secretaries are listed here.

Minutes of Constituency Party meetings

The minutes of all constituency party meetings, beginning with the 2017 AGM, are available below:

Meetings in 2018/9

AGM: 25 July 2018
Management Committee: 29 August 2018
All-Member meeting: 3 October 2018
Motion on Modern Slavery: approved 3 October 2018
Management Committee: 31 October 2018
All-member meeting: 28 November 2018 (revised)

Meetings in 2017/8

AGM: 26 July 2017
Management Committee: 30 August 2017
Special General Meeting: 25 October 2017
All-Member Meeting: 29 November 2017 
Management Committee: 31 January 2018
All-Member Meeting: 28 February 2018
Management Committee: 28 March 2018
All-Member Meeting: 30 May 2018
Minutes of Executive Officers' meeting on 7 June 2018
Management Committee: 27 June 2018

Hertfordshire County Local Campaign Forum

At present, we do not have any county councillors within the constituency. We do have delegates to the County Local Campaign Forum (LCF) (more information here). The LCF is making a special effort to improve communication between the County Labour Group, the LCF and constituency parties. Links to our delegates' reports are here:

28 November 2018

National Executive Committee election results 2018

and the National Policy Forum

The result of the members' vote for membership of the National Executive Committee and the National Policy Forum are here.

You will note that Ann Black was not re-elected and, therefore, her reports on the NEC meetings will cease when the new members take their seats after Conference.

You will also note that sadly Rachel Burgin was not elected to the NPF. She had the highest number of votes amongst those who were not elected in the East of England region.

Our comments on Labour policy papers

NPF logoThe constituency party made comments on six of the policy papers provided by the party's policy commissions. The papers for consultation can be accessed here. The comments can be downloaded in one document here.

There is also a submission from the East Herts Rural branch on housing policy. You can access the policy paper, Housing for the Many, here and the comments on it here.

Report on General Election Campaign 2017

In 2017, we fought the General Election campaign very vigorously over the short period available to us. Since we were not expecting the election, we had not made preparations and, indeed, at the very beginning of the campaign, we did not have a candidate in place. Expectations were low, given the depressing results of the County Council elections in May 2017.

Thanks, however, largely to the hard work of the Campaign Manager, Cei Whitehouse, and of Doug Swanney, who took on the task of fighting the election immediately after he had fought hard to win Letchworth North seat on the County Council, the result was good - perhaps even the first step towards winning this "safe" Tory seat for Labour. Doug was aided, of course, by the very quick change in Labour's support, once the media started to give Labour - and Jeremy Corbyn, in particular - proper coverage, and by the quality of Labour's manifesto.

It is all too easy to forget the lessons of one general election by the time the next one. The report that Cei Whitehouse made to the constituency Party's AGM is here. Its recommendations were formally accepted by the meeting. It will be important to look back at them when the next General Election campaign begins.


The CLP has three branches. Meetings are notified to branch members by the secretary.

There is general information about the constituency on the Constituency page here.

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